Decades Matrix

About Matt Kirby

I got my degree from UCSD and worked as an engineer. I invented Apples to Apples and things changed. I like: Invention, Trilobites, Games, Laughing, Baseball, History, Art, Physics, Math, Movies, Music, Astronomy, Documentaries, Cartoons and Surreal Things. History holds a special fascination for me. Guustaaf and I created Decades in order to enable people to see history from a perspective where it is much more understandable. It is graphic based, intuitive and self-evident. Scan a horizontal row to look at what happened in that year, scan a vertical column to look at how that category changed over time. Look at a connection to see how events from one year are related to events in another year. Understanding connections is the key to understanding history!

About Guustaaf Damave

I graduated from the Netherlands Film Acadamy and worked in film and television as a script writer and director. In the early nineties I moved to the US and started working as a web developer. Since 2016 I live in Taiwan. Matt and I created this website based on our shared interest in history (among other subjects) and our desire to present data in a visually attractive and engaging way. This is one of my favorite projects ever and I hope many people will use the site, enjoy it and learn from it.